Vacation Movies with Adam Sandler

1. Blended

Blended features the exotic wildlife of South Africa. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sandler revealed he chose this location so he can go on a vacation. One might even consider hiring a moving company to keep up with the demands of relocating to this continent. The sights and sounds of the savanna were well worth the shooting hours spent in making this film.

2. Zohan

The beach scenes for You Don’t Mess with the Zohan were set in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, since Adam and his team couldn’t find a good beach spot in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is almost safe to assume that Sandler sneakily wanted his film locations to double as a travel itinerary. If you leave the house this often, make sure to check in with your home security.

3. Just Go With It

Based on a critically-acclaimed film The Cactus Flower, Just Go With It was shot in stunning Hawaii. If you have a swanky car and some gas money, it would be cool to ride around the coastline and beach towns. Sandler’s slapstick humor is included in this film, flirting with as many actresses as he can while lounging on the picturesque beach.

4. Grown Ups 2

This movie was not well-received by critics, it almost seemed like a shoddy excuse to finance a vacation to New England. Set in tourist-friendly Massachusetts, this movie also features Sandler’s friends. There are fart jokes, fat jokes, and shrieking galore. The production managed to create another silly sequel. It will leave you wondering if they ever paid homeowners insurance.

5. That’s My Boy

The plotline goes like this: Sandler’s character fathers a son as a teenager and raises him as a single parent. This movie is shot in the Bay State Area. Critics were not pleased with the outcome of the movie as they believe that there were no redeeming qualities to go along with it. The film features some scenes in Cape Cod.

6. Bedtime Stories

The film starts off in a motel, which is not the usual stylish destination setup yet Sandler managed to pull through showing up in Castello di Amorosa, a castle built on a wine country. He’s also seen here strolling along the beach with his leading lady. There are more fantastic locations, shown through the children’s bedtime stories, so it is definitely a feast for the eyes and heart.

7. Grown Ups

This movie was shot in a lakefront cottage in Essex with a trip to the water park, complete with a comedic ensemble. It’s a great way to see a summer home in a Massachusetts town. The town in this movie is also known for its seafood and tourism, a vacation spot where you don’t have to worry about paying debt or credit.