Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley — 108 Days

There is no buyer’s remorse. It is not like buying a house, finding out there is a need for roof repair, and then rectifying the contract signed with the agent. But it appears this is what happened to the short-lived marriage between Lisa Presley and Nicolas Cage. The two wed on August 10, 2002, just ten days after Nicolas popped the question. He was Lisa’s third husband. That should have served as a warning, but Nicolas seemed unfazed.

Realizing he should not have married Lisa, Nicolas filed for divorce on November 25, 2002, just 108 days after they were married. The divorce was finalized two years after, in 2004. This was a rather bizarre ending to a marriage when Nicolas was all praises for Lisa, admiring her honesty. Lisa also thought they had a connection, but it was their similarities that eventually led to the downfall of the marriage.