Sixty of the Shortest Celebrity Marriages in the History of Hollywood

Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush – 5 Months

Hollywood weddings carry magic with them. But on one too many occasions, the magic did not last, ending tragically for the couples. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, two actors from One Tree Hill, faced the altar on April 16, 2005, shortly after they fell in love on the set. The happy time was always short. Their marriage only lasted for 5 months. They divorced in 2006.

Later on, Sophia confessed that they were merely kids who had no business being married. She also said that she never thought that she would be married more than once. Chad was probably hurt by this statement and said that he would not have married for any other reason, except love. Love is an investment, of course, and it appears the two failed to provide each other with the love they both deserved. In the end, Murray married another co-star, Sarah Roemer. It seems he is happy now.