Wealthiest Female Figures In The World Of Sports


The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) striker, Alex Morgan, is one of the top earners in the women’s game. Not only is she the face of the country’s national team, but she is also one of America’s most successful soccer players. This World Cup and Olympic gold medallist scored over 100 goals for the team, turning her into one of the world’s most influential athletes out there. Due to her undeniable success, she now has a standing net worth of $3 million and is a very wealthy sports person.

Much of her acquired fortune was from her soccer team contracts, but all her sponsorships, endorsements, and commercial deals earned her a good amount of money, too. One of her sponsors is Nike; she is regularly part of their promotional image for their latest kit releases. Corporate giants like McDonald’s, Chapstick, and Coca-Cola have also partnered with her for commercials. Alex is also one of the first female athletes to ever appear on the EA Sports’ FIFA video game series; she should be given credit for this. Not only is she an essential figure in the world of sports, but she is also extremely influential to a lot of aspiring young women athletes out there.