These Sudden Celebrity Romances Prove To Workout Successfully But Not For Everyone

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


Jennifer Lopez is not a newbie in falling hard and getting into a relationship real quick. It happened several times, and the most talked-about is her union with Marc Anthony in 2004.

Jennifer got back into the love game just months after she split from Ben Affleck in 2003. She and Marc were seen together a couple of times in September 2003. Not wanting to put pressure on their relationship, they tried to keep their budding love under control. In 2005, Jennifer admits that she and Marc got married back in 2004 while dismissing the rumor that they are preparing a lavish wedding. The couple seemed to be very compatible and has worked well both in projects and in real life that they made several investments together. Jennifer and Marc then welcomed their twins – Max and Emme – in 2008. Despite their powerhouse union, she broke off their marriage in 2011. According to Jennifer, she felt the need to recollect herself and heal since she was unhappy for a long time.